SERVICING THE CARSON VALLEY in NEVADA (Gardnerville, Minden, Genoa)

                                       LAWN MAINTENANCE

                                OPTIONS - YOU HAVE MANY!!!

All-Star Service - This includes cutting and trimming the grass, weed removal, a full 5 times a year fertilizing system, and pruning. We will make sure your soil is pH balanced. This service will give you the peace of mind that your yard is in good hands. Free estimates. 775-450-0011 (Please leave a message.)

Cut and Trim Service - We provide the highest level of service. We will cut your lawn and keep it Green. We use techniques that prevent your lawn from being contaminated with unwanted grasses and weeds. We don't spread weed from one yard to the next. Free estimates. 775-450-0011 (Please leave a message.)

Grass Enhancements: From time to time grass gets unwanted weeds, grasses, or fungi. We provide a clever solution at an affordable price.

Grass Renovation: Get a fresh clean start for your lawn. Replace and replant with pure grass seed that is specially designed to flourish in the local climate. Price based on lawn square footage.

                              FLOWER & VEGETABLE GARDENS

Garden Design & Maintenance - Having your very own garden is a wonderful addition to any home. When you pick your first fresh ripe tomato you will know why living green is so delicious. Free estimates. 775-450-0011 (Please leave a message.)

Gate and Fence Installation.  Free estimates.

Tree and Shrub Planting.    From $10 to $50.

Hourly Rate is $45 (for non-contractual work)

                              ALL WORK IS DONE WITH A SMILE!!!


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